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Why would anyone start a blog like this one? Well, it might be easier than you thought to answer this question. The only reason NOT to have a blog is usually to overcome yourself to acknowledge the reasons to start a blog.

The »why«

A reminder to yourself

The primary reason I created this blog: To get a reminder for things I already tried and have done. Those things might be errors which I solved or just some technical playground I was on. Well, you could of course just send yourself an email. But if I did solve a problem which others might encounter as well, why not share the solution?

Rarely shared content

Everyone knows the situation when you search (google) for things which are not as interesting as other mainstream topics. This might be a new topic, a new technology for example. Such topics are an ideal basis for creating high quality blog content. Since I do cover a lot of topics on this blog, there is a high chance I find something to blog about and I find one or another niche topic.

Giving an opinion

Well, the first few blog posts were about sharing my two cents. This is much easier to do on a blog compared to forums, even when the forums are linked to the news article. There are just so many more things you can do on a blog:

  • longer content.

  • Code hand syntax highlighting.

  • smart linking.

  • citing multiple sources and bringing them together.

  • Reply to another one’s blog post.

  • The posts you create may be a source for an academic work.

  • Other languages (in my case: German).

Do not underestimate the language we are all blogging in. Most IT articles I know are being written in English. But German is (as of today) still a very important and a beautiful language. By creating German content, we give aspiring German developers a chance to participate.

The »what« (content)

There are some topics I really do love to blog about:


As you can see from what I wrote above: This blog is targeted for publishing content which can help others to solve some more or less known problem. This is a blog with the goal to help.