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My first talk at JCon

Published by Benjamin Marwell on

Today I held my first talk in front of a bigger audience than my local JUG (JUG Hannover). I am incredibly happy that Java Champion Maarten Mulders had me as his co-speaker at JCON 2024! ☺️

Talk: Accelerating Maven Builds

The title of our talk was: **Accelerating Maven Builds - from 🐌 Snail’s Pace to πŸš€ Rocket Speed".

In this talk we showed in the first section how to measure and find bottlenecks in your build. We settled on OpenTelemetry and Jaeger, but here is a list of extensions you might want to check out:

In the following sections we discussed various approaches to make your Maven Build faster. Those included:

  • Running your Tests in parallel

  • Using Maven Daemon to run a reactor project in parallel

  • Feeding the daemon by changing your project’s architecture

  • Resuming the build properly (Maven 4 only), i.e. do not run parts not needed

  • Applying the Maven Cache extension to not run the build when not needed

If you are interested, more blog posts might follow on these topics.


We have a Demo repository where you can check out the demos we used at JCON 2024:

Tweets / Posts on 𝕏

You can find tweets related to our talk by searching for #SnailToRocket on X / Twitter.