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Silly model variants for Braun Series 7 shaver

Published by Benjamin Marwell on

It is commonly known that companies release their devices with changes in details. Often the devices get a new brand name or model name. As example you can think of a rebranded celeron which is know again known as pentium, or a single letter for the Intel NUC (h for the higher model, k for the smaller model).

Now, with the former German brand Braun it gets really silly. I was looking for a Braun Series 7 shaver. It came down to the models 7865cc, 7898cc and 7899cc.

Braun Series 7-7898cc vs 7-7899cc

Sadly, I was unable to find any differences between the 7898cc and the 7899cc. Neither on brauns‘ homepage, nor on (a german price search and comparison engine), nor on (another famous comparison page). Even the manual stated no difference between those models.

The differences of the 7899cc and 7898cc

So I mailed the support and asked for a difference. Prepare for a ridiculous answer.

  • The model 7899cc has got a black zipper on the travel case.
  • The model 7898cc has got a silver zipper on the travel case.

Which means the difference is all about the colour of the zipper of the travel case. Silly, isn’t it? Here is some evidence, thanks to Google:

[gallery columns="2" link="file" size="medium" ids="6108,6109"]

If you as a company are really urged to release a new model, a change in any detail is ok. Not worthy to mention, that the zipper isn’t even a part of the actual main product. I really wonder which man does actually care about such details…