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A blessed and merry christmas to all readers!

Published by Benjamin Marwell on
I'd like to wish every reader a blessed and merry christmas! Those words were chosen carefully, because they should remind us about the reason why we have christmas eve: It is and has ever been a christian worship day. It is becoming more and more merily a family day. It has even gotten to my attention, that the german advent song book from the german piraty party was critisized in the comments having only five non-christian songs. It wouldn't modern enough for a modern party to have christian songs in a song book. What an irony, I thought: Advent originates in the latin word Adventus, meaning coming (of the saviour). Thus this songbook would not even exist if there were no such thing as christmas. The whole reason/inducement of writing a book for this special time wouldn't even exist at all. I don't want you to convert to the christian believe. It‘s just about thinking about WHY we have those days we have vacation on. With this in mind I wish every reader a blessed and merry christmas! Image Source: Weihnachtsstern - ich  /