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Tag: Google Go (en)

The Google Go programming language is a fairly young language invented by Google. After an issue about its name, Google sticked to Go.

Go can be compiled on many platforms while being similar close to the system as C and C++. Despite those, Go uses modern, object oriented and very thoughtful designed language constructs. Therefore it is as interesting to me as Vala. ;-)

Gogs Git-Server: Fast, beautiful, lightweight

The Gogs Git-Server is a central repository for your private git projects. Usually, you wouldn’t need a  git server at all, or you would probably use  GitLab. But GitLab can be a complex mess, so I was looking for an easy-to-use alternative. Other well-known git servers are e.g. Atlassian Bitbucket, Gitblit and GitList.

But aside from all those Gogs is the only one to be fast AND lightweight AND eays-to-use: Gogs is written in Googleʼs Go Programming Language which makes it really fast.